Penguin Copter Categories: helicopters

Penguin Copter

You are the leader of one of the most exciting expeditions to the North Pole. Try to take your team to the 'Ice Cube' base in order to get ready to explore the place. It will not be easy at all, you will find some obstacles along the road. Remember to keep the helicopter in the air as long as possible.

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Chocks Away Categories: planes

Chocks Away

You are pilot from the United States air force. Your mission is to take some food and medicines to the people from a town which has been awash by a seaquake. Try to accomplish your mission and whatever happens, avoid the seagulls.

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The Paratrooper Categories: planes, war

The Paratrooper

You are registered in a parachuting course. This is your final test and it is very simple, you will have to fall in the ship and elude the birds and some others obstacles, otherwise you die.

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Squadron Angel Categories: planes

Squadron Angel

You have recently become a pilot. This is your first flight. Try to keep the airplane in the air as long as possible. In this way, you will demonstrate that you are the best pilot of the school.

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Paperplane Madness Categories: planes

Paperplane Madness

You have an airplane and it is made of paper. You want to see it flying through the sky, but it will not be possible because of the birds which emigrate for the season. However, you do not care about anything, so let's see what happens next.

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Defend the base Categories: planes, war

Defend the base

Defend your base from the enemy invasion. Shoot the paratroopers with your antiaicraft gun and eliminate all of them before they land or shoot you. Remember that there will not be a second chance to do the job. Good luck.

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